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Tourist eco-routes in the natural park of La Mata

Now that it’s spring, don’t you fancy getting out into natural surroundings? The Mata tourist eco-routes are an excellent option. There are daytime routes on offer, and even night-time ones that are sure to give you an incredible experience. They started in February of this year and will finish in June. So, there is no time to lose. Why not take advantage of the Holy Week public holidays to travel?

General, bird-watching and wine enthusiast day trails

Let’s start with the Mata tourist daytime eco-routes. To get to the La Mata Natural Park a Lara Cars rental car is the perfect option. The freedom that this offers you will enable you to enjoy a getaway or longer journey to spend some time in nature. You will recharge your batteries, release stress and spend time with your loved ones. What more could you ask for? Let’s take a closer looks at those trails.

Discover the great secret of the Lagoon

This is the first of the Mata tourist daytime eco-routes you could do. It involves a tour of the La Mata lagoon. It is a guided route during which an expert will explain the unique value of this natural environment along with some cultural aspects that you will love. A very interesting outing from which you are sure to learn plenty.

Visitas las Salinas de Torrevieja con tu coche de alquiler de Lara Cars

Observe the birds in the area

If you love bird watching, then you should definitely try another of the La Mata tourist ecotrails – the ornithological one. You can enjoy watching birds of all kinds whilst learning from the explanations given by a professional who will accompany you on the trail. You will learn a lot about birds and if you are travelling with small children they are sure to be delighted!

Soak up the biodiversity

The third of the daytime trails on offer is the wine route. Walk among different vineyards and discover all the work involved in producing an excellent wine. This is a very interesting trail that you will definitely not want to miss. Now for the night-time trails. Shall we continue?

Night-time routes, the magic of the night

Although by day you can enjoy 3 Mata tourist eco-routes, you only have one option when it comes to the night. This is a route that takes place when the sun goes down and we highly recommend that you arrive at sunset because it is beautiful. As soon as the sun has set, the walk starts under the moonlight. Crickets and other night animals will break the silence as you walk.

This last of the Mata tourist eco-routes is full of magic. Being able to do a tour at night, with other people and a guide explaining all the goings-on of the natural park of La Mata during the night is amazing. There are living creatures that go out at night because they are nocturnal, so in addition to choosing a daytime trail, the night-time one is not to be missed. This way, you’ll find out all about this wonderful place.

Rutas nocturnas por el parque natural de La Mata

Enjoy the fresh air and nature

They say that nature heals, relaxes and allows you to switch off from all the responsibilities and problems that may accompany you in your daily life. The truth is that the Mata tourist eco-routes are all exceptional. You may not be able to do them all, but if you can choose a daytime one and the night-time one it would be ideal. An experience that you will not forget easily and that you will want to enjoy again.

Now, with Lara Cars, it is even easier to access the La Mata natural park and enjoy the Mata tourist ecotrails. It’s time for you to pick up a rental car and get on your way. Just tell us when you’ll need it and we’ll take care of everything else. Ready to enjoy nature?

Ecorutas en el Parque Natural de la Mata

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