Spain is currently beginning its de-escalation and return to normality. De-escalation consists of 4 phases, from Phase 0 to Phase 3. Most of the national territory is already in phase 2, as is the case of the provinces of Alicante and Murcia.

We should keep in mind that both the Valencian community and the Murcia region are among the areas that have had the lowest incidence of COVID19 infections in Spain. And the trend is still one of the most positive to this day. Therefore, the entire territory where our company operates has moved to the second phase since things are going so well with the pandemic. (You can get more information here).

Also, the Lars Cars team are closely following the information shared by the different authorities and the Spanish Government, as well as the World Health Organisation, in order to comply with the Health, Safety and Traffic measures regarding the Movement of Motor Vehicles, to thereby contribute to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

To contribute to the protection of our customers and staff, we have adopted some hygiene and protective measures such as the use of hydroalcohol gels for frequent handwashing and the use of gloves and face masks. We have also increased the cleaning and disinfection process for all our vehicles and offices through the use of disinfectant agents approved by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs. At Lara Cars, we continue to be responsive to any measures indicated by the health authorities in order to minimise risk to our customers and staff.

To be able to help you, contact us directly:

+34 966 79 00 13

+34 616 475 172

Keep an eye on this section of our website where we will keep you updated on any developments as well as the progress of the situation!

At Lara Cars we ask that we all join forces to beat this crisis and overcome this situation as soon as possible, so our lives can return to normal.

Wishing you all the best! Everything will be fine!

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