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The weather in Alicante

City & Beach

The city of Alicante has an average annual temperature of 18.1 ºC, with an average of 10.9 ºC in winter and 26.1 ºC in summer. The city boasts a total of 8 lovely beaches and coves where you can make the most of such a good weather all year round.

Found it in the city centre, Santa Bárbara Castle is deemed the most iconic landmark of Alicante. This fortification strategically stands on Mount Benacantil, from where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the bay and its surroundings. Seen from the beach, the mount and castle form the shape of a face, known as la cara del moro (the Moor’s face).

One of the best times to visit Alicante is during the Hogueras de San Juan (bonfires of Saint John), a traditional and popular festival that takes place from 19 to 24 June. This week-long fiesta includes parades, fireworks, firecrackers and bonfires.

El tiempo - Tutiempo.net
Castillo de Santa Bárbara - Alicante

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