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Guided and free of charge eco-routes in Torrevieja

This is one of the most popular tourist locations on the Alicante coast. However, the beaches are not its only attraction. The guided and free eco-routes in Torrevieja enable you to discover a unique natural and amazing treasure: the Natural Park of the La Mata and Torrevieja Lagoons.  

In this post, we are going to talk about the different eco-routes within the province.  You can access all of these with our rental car and they offer you an alternative and a different activity if you are coming to visit Alicante. Take note! 

Rutas ecológicas guiadas y gratuitas en Torrevieja

The secrets of the lagoons 

One of the most surprising places within the natural park is the Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja, where you can visit the salt mines, which are still working today. In fact, it is one of the largest salt mines in Europe. However, it is not its size, but its colour that will capture your attention.   

However, the guided and free eco-routes in Torrevieja will enable you to admire the other great treasure of the park. Perhaps the lagoon of La Mata is a little less striking, but it has enormous natural richness. Various paths lead you through idyllic surroundings which are dominated by the green colour of the lagoon’s waters and of the vegetation that surrounds it. On the path, there are different places in which to observe the birdlife as well as some recreation areas.  

Richness of fauna 

The lagoons have become a home for an endless number of species, particularly birds.  Within its waters, you can admire a populous colony of flamingos which, in recent years, has reached a count of over two thousand individuals.  The tranquillity of the area and abundance of food have encouraged these birds return to the lagoons many years after they had abandoned them.  

Although they are the most flamboyant, they are not the only birds that can be admired on the guided and free eco-routes in Torrevieja. The natural park is also home or a stopover for other species such as the grey heron, the osprey and the black-necked grebe, among many others. 

As well as these, there are different vertebrate species, from rabbits and snakes to geckos, toads and even foxes. Because of this, the park is the perfect place to enjoy a unique environment in one of Spain’s most attractive and popular coastal areas for tourism. Moreover, it has accessible itineraries.  

The wine route 

Salt mining is the reason for the existence of the lagoons. But the guided and free eco-routes in Torrevieja enable you to discover a small peculiarity of this incredible protected area: its vineyards 

They are unusual for many reasons. Firstly, because they grow on a sandy and saline substrate. Secondly, because they reach the edge of the La Mata lagoon and, in some areas, they are less than 100 metres from the Mediterranean. And thirdly, because these vines are some of the few in the Spanish Levante that survived the terrible phylloxera plague which took place at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Discovering these curiosities, as well as some others, finding out how these vines are cultivated in a completely organic way, how the produce is picked using manual methods, and what the wine making process entails, are also aspects that can be discovered on the guided and free eco-routes in Torrevieja. 

Ruta del vino en Torrevieja

A magical sunset 

If the Natural Park of the La Mata and Torrevieja Lagoons is a unique location during the daytime, when the sun sets it turns into a truly magical scene from a picture postcard. At sunset, the colours of the lagoons intensify and bring to life an image of pure fantasy which will remain imprinted on your eyes and your memory forever.  

The guided and free eco-routes in Torrevieja allow you to discover the other side of a location that is known for its beaches and its incredible atmosphere. It is a land-locked place that contains one of the greatest natural treasures of the Spanish Levantine coast 

If you are interested in this or other plans, don’t hesitate to ask us when you come to our office for your rental car. We would be delighted to give you all the information you need to help you discover all the secrets of our precious Mediterranean area.  

Un atardecer mágico en Torrevieja

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