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How to choose a rental car for travelling with children

Family holidays are eagerly awaited and much enjoyed by the youngest members of the family. For adults, however, it means more planning for the trip: buying flights, looking for a hotel where you can go with children, thinking about plans and places where the kids can enjoy themselves, preparing for unforeseen events and looking for a rental car to travel with children. 

In Spain, children under 1.35 cm in height are required to carry a child seat for their specific height and weight range. Children under 3 years of age must be in child restraint systems appropriate to their weight, while children over 3 years of age, who are less than 1.35 cm tall, need car seats or boosters. Children over 1.35 cm can be placed in a car seat with a normal seat belt. The fines for breaking these rules are around 200 euros, so it is important to take this information into account and act accordingly. 

Cómo elegir un coche de alquiler para viajar con niños

What should I bear in mind if I am travelling with children? 

The most obvious concern when choosing a hire car for travelling with children is space and comfort. Children need a lot of space (in addition to the space occupied by the pushchair) and can be nervous on long journeys, so it makes sense to opt for a spacious car.  

If you bring your own baby seat, you need to make sure that the car model is compatible. With Lara Cars this should not be a problem, as we have a range of child seats that you can fit in the vehicle. Other factors that influence the comfort of your hire car for travelling with children are the number of seats and the number of doors. It is important to make sure you order a vehicle with the seats you need, and having only two doors when you have a child seat in the back is not at all advisable. You will also need a spacious boot with room for a pushchair, toys, spare clothes and day provisions. 

A good extra can be the connectivity of the rental car for travelling with children. The possibility of playing music and other entertainment from your mobile phone, to make the trip more enjoyable and entertaining. 

Choosing a rental car for travelling with children 

Knowing what you need and what to consider, choosing your ideal car is an easy task. From this website, you can look at the available models and their specifications and book on the spot. Just go to the homepage, select the day, time and place of pick-up and drop-off and click on “search”. From the page, you can order the child seats you need for your car hire car for travelling with children, as well as GPS. When you have finished adding the accessories you need, you will have the final quote. This quote you see on the page is completely closed, transparent and without surprises. 

If you have any doubts, you can always call and book your car hire for travelling with children over the phone. 

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