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Tips for driving in the rain

Rain can make it harder to drive, so it’s imperative you be careful and pay attention while behind the wheel. And some drivers feel insecure as driving is a completely different story in the rain. Remember, dirt that builds upon the surface can make roads more slippery. So it’s not a bad idea to follow these tips for driving in the rain, especially with autumn just around the corner.

Leave more distance

When the road is wet, especially when it’s starting to rain, it’s important to leave a greater distance between vehicles. Double the normal distance is recommended. This way you can avoid the effect of water spraying from other cars.

Reduce your speed

Drivers must be aware of everything that’s going on around them. So reducing your speed will allow you to pay more attention to other drivers and any unexpected events. And you’ll be able to brake better as stopping distances are much longer in wet conditions than when the road is dry. Experts recommend you brake smoothly.


Avoid abrupt movements

Avoid sharp movements of the steering wheel and slamming on your brakes. If you want to slow down, then it’s much better to reduce your speed gradually.

Clear condensation

You might have to turn your A/C on to clear condensation. Another option is to lower a window slightly.

Stay off the white paint

White paint on zebra crossings, between lanes and on the edge of the road is tricky in the rain. Wheels have less grip on the paint than on the road surface.

Watch out for aquaplaning

When the road is worn it has less capacity for absorption, meaning a film of water may form. At times like that aquaplaning –when tyres slide over the accumulated water– is a real danger. If this happens, reduce your speed without braking, just lift your foot off the accelerator, and hold the wheel firmly.


At Lara Cars we are constantly checking all our cars to ensure there’s no problem. We are extra careful to keep tyres in perfect conditions, not forgetting lights, windscreen wipers and brakes.

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