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Bird watching routes in the province of Alicante

There are already several municipalities in Alicante that have joined the initiative to create routes in the region’s main natural areas. The Department of Tourism and the Environment  has emphasised the creation of a network of birdwatching routes in the various localities, which are ideal for getting into the magical world of ornithology.

Birds are mysterious beings with fascinating habits. In this selection of Alcante bird watching routes you’ll find a quick guide to start with the areas of greatest tourist interest. They are also ideal for observing bird behaviour and being able to see as many species as possible. Begin your search!

El Hondo Natural Park in Elche

Ornithology lovers who reside in the province know all about the wonders of southern Alicante. And this is one of the places where you’ll be able to see the most bird species. At El Hondo De Elche you can enjoy seeing Squacco heron during the breeding season in spring. There are also glossy ibis, bee-eaters, European rollers, greater short-toed lark,  bearded reedling, boat-tailed grackle, marbled duck, flamingos and white-headed duck.

The migratory birds in the El Hondo Natural Park are spectacular in winter; like the booted eagle, the hen harrier and the western marsh harrier, to name just a few. You can also see cranes and Eurasian crag martin. Another of the best known species you can find on this birdwatching route is the Eurasian spoonbill.

Avistamiento de aves en el parque natural de El Hondo

Ornithological tourism in Calpe

Great efforts have been made to make Alicante an unmissable place to be for ornithology lovers. That’s why you can find a guided route with posters and bird watching stalls on 3 different routes from one to four kilometres. These routes are Serra d’Oltà with 3.6 km, Morro de Toix at 1.4 km and the Penyal d’Ifac.

Other birdwatching routes in the province

El Hondo Ornithological itinerary: As mentioned above you can enjoy some of the best bird watching that we have in Alicante along almost 8 kilometres of routes. Take note that you’ll not only enjoy a variety of birds, but the eastern and western  marshes as well.

Lagunas de lo Monte Municipal Natural Area: In the Dehesa De Campoamor there is a half-kilometre stretch which is ideal for visiting with children who would like to get into the world of ornithology.

Salinas de Santa Pola route: The salt flats are a good starting point for bird watching. In Alicante this 4 kilometre walk is ideal for seeing numerous migratory birds and those resident to the area.


In addition to these, there are many more birdwatching routes in Alicante in the various natural parks and salt flats. You can find the Carrascar De La Font Roja Natural Park, the Serra de Mariola Natural Park, The Marjal De Pego-Oliva Natural Park and the Lagunas de la Mata Natural Park (Torrevieja).

You can also see birds in many other places in Alicante, such as the the capes of De La Nao and San Antonio, the Algar River (in its lower section), the island of Benidorm and Clot De Galvany. Each of these routes are ideal for hiking and enjoying the natural landscapes of the area.

If you need a vehicle to get around the province of Alicante and enjoy these magnificent bird watching routes, at Lara Cars we have plenty of choices on offer in accordance with your needs. Take a look at our fleet of cars, choose the one you like and request a price.


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