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5 drives to enjoy with your rental car this spring in Alicante

5 rutas para hacer con tu coche de alquiler esta primavera en Alicante

Are you travelling to Alicante and fancy going on some great drives to enjoy your rental car in the spring? With Lara Cars it couldn’t be easier. Simply select the days you want to visit Alicante on 4 wheels and take advantage of the good weather that spring has brought us. And, if you don’t currently have anything in particular planned, these drives will be perfect. Be sure to note them down! 

1. The Mascarat Canyon, a drive that crosses a ravine 

The Mascarat Canyon is a great place to explore with your rental car. This ravine connects Altea with Campe – driving over its various and very high bridges in your rental car will certainly not leave you indifferent! The surroundings are beautiful, with rocks sculpted by the water, and it is an ideal place to take a walk and stretch your legs. Perfect for relaxing your body after time spent in the car! 

El Cañón del Mascarat, una ruta que atraviesa un barranco

2. A drive to discover the medieval castles 

This is another of the routes that we propose exploring by car in Alicante if you like history. It takes you to visit several medieval castles, starting with Santa Barbara, and continuing on to Castalla Castle and Atalaya Castle in Novelda. Don’t miss the castles of Sax and Petrer either. This is a great experience which will ensure you get good use out of your rental car. 

3. Las Salinas de Santa Pola, a unique experience 

Do you want to see flamingos? Well, then, you can’t miss the Santa Pola Salt Flats. Another of the drives that you can do in your rental car this spring. It starts at the Museum of Salt, from whence you must head toward Elche. Then follow directions to La Marina. It is a little on the long side, but it will allow you to really enjoy your rental car during your holidays in Alicante. 

The views are spectacular, and if you are travelling with small children you will be giving them an experience that they will never forget. Should you wish to go for a leg stretch, why not take a little walk to see the flamingos that are sure to be waiting for you in the Santa Pola Salt Flats natural park closer up. This is a beautiful drive that we strongly recommend you do, even if you also choose another one too.  

4. Drive taking in Alicante’s most beautiful beaches 

It’s spring! The heat and sun makes the beach your number one destination. Do you want to visit some of Alicante’s most beautiful offerings? Remember that you are in the Mediterranean Sea, so the water will be at an exquisite temperature. You may end up wanting to swim at one of the beaches. Start at the Les Marines beach, continue to Altea’s beaches and end with the L’Amerador beach.  

Ruta por las playas más bonitas de Alicante

5. Marina Baixa, a spectacular trip 

This route around Marina Baixa is the last of our suggested drives using your rental car. An itinerary that starts in Altea, takes in the Fountains of Algar and continues to Guadalest. Finish in Serra Gelada having marvelled at the most beautiful places in Alicante. All these drives are fabulous of course, but which of them are you going to start with? 

Just tell us when you are coming to Alicante so we can ensure your rental car is ready for these drives through Alicante in spring. Then for the more complicated part – choosing the route you would like to start with. They’re all great, but there will always be one that captures your attention above all other options. Which will it be? 

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