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What Type of Driver Are You?

Driving style is very personal and indicative of how we are in other aspects of life. When you enjoy driving, you also have clear conditions and quirks that must be met: Do you always have to drive with music? Do you need someone to talk to you all the time? Do you prefer driving at your own pace and without distractions? 

Knowing what type of driver you are is very useful for planning a trip or choosing your vehicle, especially if you’re traveling to another country and need a rental car. We all know if we prefer automatic or manual driving, but there are other decisions to make. The car’s aesthetics, fuel consumption, environmental impact, or size are different factors we can consider when driving. And if you know what type of driver you are, the decision will be easier. 

¿Qué tipo de conductor eres?

The Efficient Driver 

This driver doesn’t care about aesthetics, consumption, or comfort. All they want is to reach their destination as soon as possible and not spend too much time in the car. The efficient driver usually prefers automatic transmission and also tends to look for speed. 

If you wanted to know what type of driver you are and you identify with this description, we have three tips for you. The first is to relax a bit and learn to enjoy the journey. Choose a car you feel comfortable driving and prepare the routes in advance for a smooth ride. The last tip is to look for parking in advance, which will give you some security. 

The Cautious Driver 

A cautious driver pays attention to everything, likes tranquility at the wheel, and prioritizes caution over speed. Learn to enjoy the journey, with a good podcast or relaxing music. If driving stresses you out, don’t hesitate to hire an additional driver when booking your car and take a break every two hours. Hiring an additional driver with Lara Cars is included in the rate, and the second driver only has to meet the same conditions as the main one: over 25 years old and with a 2-year-old driving license. 

The Distracted Driver 

This type of driver likes to have something to do while driving: they talk a lot, listen to music, and sometimes get lost because they are enjoying the journey too much. What the distracted driver needs is a good co-pilot to keep them grounded. In the absence of a co-pilot, a GPS is the default option to avoid getting lost and always know where you’re going. If you’re clear about what type of driver you are and consider yourself a distracted driver, you can include a GPS when you reserve your vehicle at Lara Cars. 

Conductor distraído

What Type of Driver Are You? The One Who Enjoys the Journey? 

The most important thing is that you drive safely and feel calm. Hiring your rental vehicle from a trusted business offers just that. At Lara Cars, we care a lot about you being able to travel peacefully, so our quotes are fixed and without surprises. We offer comprehensive insurance without excess and 24-hour assistance for any emergency. We make things easy for you: you can book from our website and pick up the car at Alicante-Elche Airport upon arrival. Plus, if your flight is delayed or canceled, we will not charge you anything. 

Do you already know what type of driver you are? Rent your car at Lara Cars and be a driver who enjoys the journey. 

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