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The 5 best hiking trails in Alicante

Although famous for its beaches, gastronomy and party atmosphere, the province of Alicante is home to a great diversity of activities. The other day, we talked about horse trails, an easy, pleasant and guided way to view the variety of the province’s landscapes. But this activity is not available everywhere in the province, so limiting yourself to horse riding trails means that you may miss out on many unique trails. Luckily, you can still walk along these on foot.  

There are many hiking trails are extremely rewarding to do, even the easy ones. There are others, which are much more difficult, that will take you to expansive and mountainous places which you wouldn’t be able to visit any other way. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or not, here’s a list of the 5 best hiking trails in Alicante of varied difficulty. You will need a car to get to most of these trails, as many of them are located far from any public transport.  But that shouldn’t be a problem. With Lara Cars you can rent the car of your choice quickly and easily. 

Las 5 mejores rutas de senderismo en Alicante

Easy and family trails  

In this category, you have trails such as the Parque Natural de El Hondo. This is one of the most important wetlands in Spain, both for its environmental and its ornithological value. On  this very flat and easy trail, you cross the lagoons over wooden walkways, there are suitable places to have a snack or lunch and you will see some of the more unusual species of birds that live there. The Parque Natural de El Hondo is notable for its large population of tall, pink flamingos which you will find on the waters of the wetlands. It is easy to get to where they are and, if you have children with you, they will enjoy seeing them.   

Travel by car to the Embalse de Relleu, which is approximately an hour from El Hondo. On this trail you will find a wooden walkway suspended 50 metres above the ground on which you walk over the abyss. It is a short, vertiginous and completely safe trail. At the end of which there is a viewpoint with a glass floor, providing a totally unique view. This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible hiking trails of Alicante.  

Less than an hour from there, near Alcoy, you will find the Parque Natural del Carrascar de la Font Roja. This is a wooded location  with lots of mountains and vegetation. There are many trails to choose from, such as the Senda de Las Carboneras. Many of these trails are quite easy to take with children, others are more difficult, such as the one that takes you to the heights of El Menejador, where you can enjoy some exquisite views of the whole natural park.  

Ruta de senderismo por el Parque Natural El Hondo

Longer and more complex hiking trails in Alicante 

The Ruta de los 8 Pueblos de la Vall de Gallinera  is a rather curious trail. It is a distance of some 30 km walking through the heart of mountains, visiting villages that appear to exist in another time and, if you go in the spring, you will enjoy the blossom of the cherry trees. This is a demanding trail, but highly recommended for the more experienced hikers.  

One of the most famous hiking trails in Alicante is the Barranco del Infierno . Despite its demonic name, it is also commonly known as “The Hiking Cathedral”. The Barranco del Infierno is located in the Vall de Laguart, in the Marina Alta and it is crossed by the Girona River. The trail is some 14 kilometres in length and has a gradient of 800 metres. It is neither very difficult nor dangerous, but it is physically demanding. If you are prepared for it, and opt for this trail, you will get the best views of the valley and of various examples of dry-stone architecture. This is a cultural setting which is protected by UNESCO.  

Ruta por la pasarela de relleu

And how do I get from one place to another? With a car rental! 

If, during your stay, you want to discover new natural spaces and amazing trails, such as the 5 best hiking trails in Alicante that we have just told you about, you will need a rental car to get about and to travel to each of the municipalities where these trails are found. At Lara Cars we offer the best car rental service. On this website, you can view our vehicles, their prices and reserve a car for your next trip right now. What are you waiting for? Travel around the province of Alicante with Lara Cars! 

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