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The 10 best golf courses in Alicante

Alicante is one of Spain’s most attractive provinces. Not just because of its location, the beauty of its beaches or because of Hercules, its football team, but also because of its golf courses. In fact, they stand out because they provide the country’s best and most splendid facilities; something that has increased their popularity and has made them popular among golf enthusiasts.

The popularity of these golf courses and clubs is such that, today, Alicante is the destination for golfers from different regions of Europe. And why shouldn’t it be so, if the blue of the sky and the green of the courses combine to create the ideal environment in which to learn to play. If you are attracted to this sport, you will surely be interested in finding out which are the 10 best golf courses in Alicante.

Cursos de golf en Alicante para ir con tu coche de alquiler

Puig Campana Golf

Puig Campana Golf is located barely half an hour from Alicante Elche Airport, just before reaching the town of Finestrat. This golf course is different because it introduces new holes which form part of quite a tough and demanding round. Consequently, playing here is quite demanding. You can make a reservation from 30 euros. It has some very complete courses which are ideal for all levels.

La Finca Golf Course

Without a doubt, this is one of Alicante’s most spectacular golf courses. It is notable for its very impressive vegetation, where there is more than just beautiful trees to be seen, it also includes a varied fauna consisting of rabbits, hare and other animals. As far as the number of holes it contains, this course has 18 and is par 72. If you like this golf course and you want to play some of its courses, keep in mind that they start at 72 euros.

La Marquesa Golf & Country Club

La Marquesa Golf & Country Club is one of the first golf clubs in the province of Alicante. Consequently, it is preferred by many golfers who want to play on the best golf courses in Alicante. It is characterised by having 18 holes, bunkers, streams and even two lakes. A complete setting for learning and putting your skills into practice.  You can reserve your round from approximately €50.

Alicante Golf

The courses at the Alicante Golf facilities start from a prior reservation price of €75. This golf course is located at the Playa de San Juan and is just 12 minutes from El Altet airport. It is ideal for getting there in your rental car from Lara Cars, as one of our offices can be found at the airport. The golf course has 18 holes, par 72, expansive greens, no side slopes, attractive landscaping and lush vegetation. Because of its attractiveness, it is considered to be an oasis in the town and a delight for the eyes. Would you like to try it?

Campos de golf en la provincia de Alicante

Alenda Golf

This golf course is notable for its 49 hectares of grounds, 18 holes, par 72, and over 6.000 metres of courses, as well as for maintaining the original relief and vegetation naturally growing around the estate in which it has been built. It also has a good proportion of land for practising, making it one of the best golf courses in Alicante. For this reason, we recommend Alenda Golf as an initiation into this marvellous world. However, courses start at approximately €66.

Font del Llop Golf Resort

This golf course opened in 2010 and is extremely beautiful. The valley landscapes of the Valencian coast are notable. However, the sports plans and development prospects make this place an ideal choice for those interested in practicing this sport. So, if you would like to do this, the mid-week green fee 52 euros.

Vistabella Golf

This golf course is ideal for any player, and you will love its undulating fairways, its strategic bunkers and its lakes.  There is no doubt that playing a round in these facilities is truly satisfying from beginning to end. It has 18 holes, par 72 and is over 6.000 metres in length.

El Plantío Golf Club

The beauty of this golf club invites you in, to explore its vegetation and, of course, to feel in harmony with nature. Certainly, the El Plantío Golf Club is a unique place. It also has a course with 18 holes and another with 9 holes, therefore it is ideal for any player who wants to play a round of golf in Alicante. It’s a complete privilege to be able to play in this golf club. If you are interested, you can do so from €54.

As you have seen, playing a round of golf in Alicante is quite a simple task. All you need to do is make a reservation and start to enjoy this delightful sport, as well as the beautiful installations where it is played. Whatever your circumstances, you can choose the most convenient one for you, where you will feel most comfortable. Although in their own way, each one of them has an unrivalled beauty.

Rent a car to play the best golf courses in Alicante

If you are coming to the province for a short stay or if you have just arrived and are looking for a rental car to tour Alicante and enjoy its golf courses, at Lara cars we have an extensive fleet of vehicles at your disposal from which you can choose one that best suits your needs during your trip. We have different offices from which to collect your car, you can make your vehicle reservation on our website quickly and without having to wait, and our team would be delighted to help and advise you with everything that you need. Shall we chat?

Los mejores cursos de golf en Alicante

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