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Tips for driving in summer

If there’s one thing you crave in summer, other than going to the beach or having a beer outdoors, it’s travelling. But sometimes the heat makes it very difficult and driving can become an ordeal. We’ve all let out a sigh of rage when we see that our car is parked in the sun, and there’s nothing more annoying than a steering wheel that burns your hands. 

If you are going to spend your holiday in Alicante province and rent a car so you can explore all the hidden spots, there are just two things you need to take into account when driving in summer. First, make sure you get a good rental car, with a quality service that covers all your needs and guarantees your comfort when travelling. Secondly, our tips for driving in summer. Enjoy your holiday and drive safely with Lara Cars. 


Summer driving tips: check your vehicle  

Before handing over the vehicle to you, at Lara Cars we ensure it is checked completely and that it is in perfect condition. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to make sure that everything is to your liking. Take your time to position the mirrors and distribute your luggage appropriately so that the load is balanced. Avoid putting suitcases on the seats, as they can obstruct vision through the rear-view mirror.  

Before turning on the air conditioning, it is advisable to open the windows and ventilate the car. In this way, consumption will be lower and the air conditioning will have to work less. Adjust both the temperature and the position of the air conditioning to your liking, and, if you are travelling with passengers in the back, make sure that the air reaches them correctly. 

The DGT also recommends wearing light and comfortable clothes, but never driving without a shirt, as the belt could cause chafing. Wear approved sunglasses, as the sun can cause glare and reflections. And of course, as uncomfortable as you may find it, drive with closed shoes or footwear which fastens well to your foot. Flip-flops are not a reliable option and can slip off your foot or get caught between the pedals. 

Coche con aire acondicionado para conducir en verano

Tips for driving in summer: on the road. 

It is important to stay hydrated as well as eat lightly. With heat and especially after copious meals, the body to feel drowsier. But the biggest risk factor for fatigue is not taking the right breaks. Try to stop for half an hour every two hours of travel, and take advantage of the break to meet your needs such as drinking water and buying more groceries.  

Other good tips for driving in summer are to plan the route and breaks in advance, and take advantage of new technologies (always from reliable suppliers) to do so. The DGT itself has an application telling you the status of the roads in real time: Infocar. If you can avoid the hottest hours of the day, from 12:00 to 16:00, even better 

When you arrive at your destination, try to park in the shade, and if that’s not possible, bring a sunshade with you. A sunshade protects the front seats and steering wheel from the heat, so when you return to your car it won’t be so hot. And by the way, even if it’s a quick stop, never leave children or animals inside the parked car. 

Eligiendo la ruta para conducir en verano

The best rental cars with Lara Cars 

Choosing the right car is the first step to enjoying your holiday in Alicante. At Lara Cars we have a large fleet of vehicles, both manual and automatic. We have cars for two, four, five or up to nine passengers. In addition, you can book online right now, from this very page. 

Lara Cars offers you maximum comfort: a fixed price with no surprises, comprehensive insurance and 24-hour assistance in case of emergencies. We can include GPS and various different sized child seats. Our best tips for driving in summer are: choose the perfect car and enjoy your holiday. 

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