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Spain begins de-escalation towards return to normality

Spain is currently beginning its de-escalation and return to normality. De-escalation consists of 4 phases, from Phase 0 to Phase 3. Throughout this process we will inform you about the health situation and the progress that is being made in our area.

On 4 May, Phase 0 began nationwide. Since May 18, the entire Valencian Community and the region of Murcia (all the municipalities in the Alicante and Murcia provinces) have been in Phase 1.

Moving to the initial phase (Phase 1) means resuming much of our economic activity with the opening of shops as well as the hospitality and catering sector. In this table, you can learn more about the measures that will be taken in each of the de-escalation phases.

The provinces of Alicante and Murcia are in Phase 1

Regarding our area of activity, where most of our clients have their residence or come to spend their holidays, we can say that progress is satisfactory.

We should keep in mind that both the Valencian community and the Murcia region are among the areas that have had the lowest incidence of COVID19 infections in Spain. And the trend is still one of the most positive to this day. Therefore, the entire territory where our company operates has moved to this initial phase since things are going so well with the pandemic. We hope we can write soon with new information and with up-to-date, positive data.

We are achieving it together!

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