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Rent a car in Torrevieja: 10 must-visit places

When summer approaches, people begin to think about those longed-for holidays. Those days of tranquillity and relaxation in which you value every second of the day. Outings, parties, aperitifs in the sunshine… there’s a long list of events that take place during the summer season. Have you already decided on your ideal destination for this summer? There’s no doubt that Torrevieja is one of the perfect choices. 

Torrevieja is situated 50 kilometres from Alicante and is the fifth most populated city of the Valencian Community. It is one of the cities that attract most tourists during the months of June, July and August although an increasing number of people are making the decision to move to the city permanently. This is because its idyllic beaches and climate are one of the most attractive enticements in the Mediterranean.  The streets are busy with locals mixing with strangers and they will ensure that you enjoy your break from work like never before.  

In order to travel around the whole city and nearby areas of interest, we recommend that you rent a car in Torrevieja. At Lara Cars we offer you a wide variety of cars for rent and a list of the 10 must-visit places in Torrevieja and its surrounding areas. Get a pen and paper and we’ll begin!

10 places to visit very close to Torrevieja

1.  Cala Ferris


The first location, and the reason that puts Torrevieja on the map, are its coasts. Because of this, a visit to Cala Ferris is essential. This rocky area is located to the south of the city and you will fall in love with its palm trees. Who would say no to a dip?

2.  Moro Tower


Another Torrevieja must-see, which you can get to with a rent a car from Lara Cars, is the Torre del Moro. A historic monument from the 14th century which was a watch tower and a defence post for the Mediterranean coast against pirate attacks.  Who says you can’t have cultural activities during the summer? You can in Torrevieja!

Torre del Moro de Torrevieja, uno de los lugares imprescindibles que visitar

3.  La Mata Tower


And from one tower to the next. In this case, the tower of La Mata. The name of this tower comes from the lagoon from which salt was extracted and stored on the breakwater in front of the tower. Torrevieja will certainly captivate you with its charms.  

4.  Vista Alegre Promenade


You can’t say that you’ve been to Torrevieja if you haven’t strolled along the Paseo de Vista Alegre. Park your rental car nearby and make your way down to stroll along one of the city’s most famous promenades.  Located next to the Sailing Club, this is one of the best seafronts in the city.   

Paseo de Vista Alegre de Torrevieja

5.  Naciones Park


Next to the coastal areas, you will find Naciones Park, the green lungs of Torrevieja. Located right in the city’s urban centre and decorated with lakes and the remains of old wells. In the park, you will also find the Hermitage of Saint Emigdio. This is a tranquil area where you can switch off from the hustle and bustle of the seafront.  

6.  Tabarca Island


If you go by car in the direction of the port at Torrevieja, you can travel to one of the most idyllic islands in our country, the Isla de Tabarca. With a length of just 2 kilometres and a width of 400 metres, this island is notable for its insurmountable wall, the solid fortified military tower and, above all, the wonders of its marine depths, its valleys of Neptune grass, a multitude of marine species, caves and rock arches…

Have you heard of the Tabarca lighthouse? That’s another of the island’s attractions.  

Isla de Tabarca para visitar desde Torrevieja

7.  The springs at Algar


A little further away to the north, you will find the seventh location, which is another must-see if you come to Torrevieja. This is the springs at Algar. On this outing you can enjoy the natural setting offered by the town of Callosa d’en Sarria. Here you can enjoy the waterfalls and the natural crystalline pools. However, you need to be brave, as we can definitely guarantee that the water will be cool.

8.  Santa Pola


And without getting out of the car, head towards the town of Santa Pola, one of the places near Torrevieja that offers you the best gastronomy. Have you ever tried the ‘peix de Santa Pola’? You won’t regret taking a trip here for stroll along its seafront promenade and a visit to the food market.  

Ves con tu coche de alquiler al paseo del puerto de Santa Pola y disfruta de la buena gastronomía

9.  Altea

Altea is another coastal town that you must visit when you go to Torrevieja. If you are an art lover this is the perfect place for you, as many artists and art enthusiasts have chosen this town as the place for their galleries. Who knows? You might even discover a small painting by Sorolla.

10.  Guadalest Castle


And the last place you must visit with your rent a car from Lara Cars is the castle at Guadalest. Located north of Benidorm, this is one of the most visited places in the whole of Alicante. The historic site is notable for its delightful medieval castle and its pedestrianised surroundings. It is, without a doubt, like a scene from a film set.   

Altea, un pueblo costero para visitar con tu coche de alquiler desde Torrevieja

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