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Rent a car in San Miguel de Salinas

Are you planning a summer getaway to San Miguel de Salinas? Then keep reading this article because, if you haven’t yet finalised your plans, we tell you the most outstanding places you can visit.

The most cost-effective thing to do before travelling is to get a good rent a Car service in San Miguel de Salinas that gives you freedom to travel without being dependent on anyone else. The most interesting thing about a trip is to be able to travel around all of those places that you wouldn’t be able to access using public transport, as well as the nearby towns and their points of interest.

For that reason, you should get a good rent a car service in San Miguel de Salinas before planning your trip.

La Vega Baja is full of gems worth visiting

This region of the province of Alicante is home to San Miguel de Salinas, a neighbouring town to Pilar de la Horadada and Torrevieja, and adjacent to an area known as the plain (el llano) and with salt marshes. As a summer destination, it stands out for its beaches, some of them as famous as cala mosca or cala capitán.

Its tourist attractions notably include its typical houses, such as ‘La Casa lo Meca’, a construction which dates back to the 18th century, distributed around a central courtyard dividing the living areas of the owners and the farm workers. This type of house is typical of the dry area and features a cellar, mill and other facilities. The area also boasts other typical farmhouses such as Casa Lo Balaguer, El Carmen and Las Zahúrdas.


A journey back to prehistoric times

In San Miguel de Salinas, we can find a Palaeolithic settlement from the Bronze age: the archaeological site of Las Zahúrdas, a place where you can travel back in time and discover the past thanks to the traces they left behind.

A tour around the town

Situated in Plaza de la Libertad (literally, Square of Freedom), the church was built in 1689 in honour of its Patron Saint Michael Archangel, whose celebration is held on September 29. Although the original structure no longer remains after its destruction during the Civil War, this church is the only one in the area of La Vega Baja which was not destroyed in the major earthquake of March 21, 1829.

Its restoration was undertaken by the architect Antonio Serrano Peral.

Let yourself be amazed by one of the Cave-Houses

They can be found in what is popularly known as the “barrio cavernícola” (caveman neighbourhood), which can be visited. Traditionally, the caves were inhabited in the esparto grass harvesting period, which was cultivated in abundance throughout the region and grown in the sandstone rocks. Nowadays some of them have been renovated as restaurants.


Renting a car with Lara Cars has more advantages than you might think

At our company, we are clear that we want to help you to enjoy your stay to the maximum. For that reason, we are committed to making the experience of renting a car as easy and transparent as possible, without any last minute surprises and respecting the agreed price at all times. Have you already booked with us, but for some reason you have to cancel your trip? Don’t worry, we won’t penalise you for that since we adapt to our customers’ needs.

That’s why we have a wonderful human team available to advise you regarding everything you need.

Our fleet of rental cars will not leave you feeling indifferent

In the interest of tailoring ourselves to the needs of our customers, we have a wide range of vehicles: from medium sized to family vehicles, and from minivans to large cars for travelling as a group. Whether you are a driver of a manual engine or automatic engine, in our catalogue you will find the vehicle that best suits you and your needs.

In addition, all of our cars include fully comprehensive insurance with no excess and with assistance, so you can feel safe throughout your stay.

Having the freedom to go wherever you like and whenever you like while you are on a trip away is a priceless experience, and all you need to do is ask! Whether you would like to enquire about the quote for your rental car or you have already made your decision, you can contact us so we can advise you with no obligation. Once you have resolved all of your queries, we will be able to finalise the booking so you can collect your car on the date and time that suits you best.

Rent a car en San Miguel de Salinas

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