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Honouring its firm commitment, Lara Cars has added new cars to its fleet

At Lara Cars we continuously expand our fleet with modern and up-to-date vehicles to satisfy our customers’ demands.

This time, we’re proud to announce that we have new Skoda Citigo cars. This model falls into our A1 category, one of the most popular among Lara Cars customers.

A city car, ideal for renting due to its size: , compact on the outside (only 3.60 metres long!) yet roomy inside. The boot is big enough and the seats are spacious and comfortable. The Skoda Citigo comes with 5 doors and can seat 4 adults.

This petrol-driven, manual-transmission model, which Lara Cars has already added to its fleet, performs excellently both on city roads and motorways. .

Click here for more information: CARS SKODA

Nuevos vehículos Skoda Citigo

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