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Halloween in Alicante: the best things to do

Halloween is an exciting time for children, but there are also plenty of young people and adults who are looking for creative ways to celebrate these festivities. In the age of Escape Rooms and zombie survival events, Halloween has become a much more versatile and accessible celebration for adults without children. Trick or Treat hasn’t gone out of fashion either and there are always plenty of organised activities on offer for the little ones.  

This Halloween in Alicante you will find all kinds of activities for a wide range of people, so find the perfect costume, get the scariest make-up on and prepare for a Halloween to die for. 

Halloween en Alicante: los mejores planes

Halloween activities for the little ones 

Halloween is not a particularly traditional day in Spain but, due to the influence of Hollywood, during the last few decades Anglo Saxon customs and traditions have had a strong influence in our country. Today, all businesses prepare for Halloween. Sometimes, its only a little bit of decoration, but on other occasions, the preparations involve other activities that make the most of these festivities.  

A good example of this is the theme or attraction parks. For example, the Terra Natura park in Benidorm has created a new programme of activities, workshops and performances for  Halloween. Until the 1st of November, the park has become an escape room of terror and familiarity based on the Wednesday Addams characters. Participants will face challenges from the famous Netflix series academy: botany, anatomy, experiments… Other activities to be found at Terra Natura include magic and Halloween make-up workshops.   

The Toy Hotel at Ibi is also a perfect place to spend Halloween in Alicante. This particular hotel offers a fantasy and fun setting all year round and is designed for the enjoyment of the little ones. But everyone has a skeleton in the cupboard. This hotel brings them out each year in order to celebrate all kinds of children’s activities. Moreover, your hotel room will be just a few metres away, so as soon as the festivities come to an end you are not far from your bed.  

Actividades de Halloween para los más pequeños

Halloween in Alicante for adolescents and adults 

This Halloween you can enjoy different events in the Alicante province. At Elche or Benidorm, you can enjoy themed routes organised by Rutas Misteriosas (Mysterious Routes). Rutas Misteriosas organises night-time itineraries in the towns, visiting places like Casa Gadea (also known as the Witches’ House), the Archaeological Museum and the Church of Santa Maria (where it is said that many miracles and supernatural events have taken place); meanwhile, they tell you the stories about these places. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age.  

But undoubtedly, the escape rooms are the most popular. On the 27th of October the Senda Misteriosa (the Mysterious Route)  will take place at El Palmeral in Alicante. This is a walk lasting around 45 minutes, it is full of mysteries, is suitable for all ages and, as it is organised by the Local Council of Alicante, it is completely free of charge. A similar event based on the well-known Stranger Things series, is being organised at La Lonja de Orihuela on the 28th and 29th of October.  

For those who are a little more daring, there is a Survival Zombie event being organised at Petrer, where participants go through the streets looking for refuge while avoiding those who have been infected and solving puzzles.   

Survival zombie Petrer: Halloween en Alicante

Get around the province with Lara Cars 

In Alicante on this Halloween dozens of municipalities will celebrate the most terrifying festivities by filling their streets with ghosts, zombies and iconic film characters. Film screenings, escape rooms, children’s workshops and, of course, the unmissable night of the 31st of October, when children (and the not so young) run around the streets in their darkest costumes, collecting treats and enjoying this marvellous tradition. It would be a shame to miss out on some of these activities because you are not able to get around the province in comfort. A rental car will give you the freedom to celebrate the festivities wherever you choose, and take part in all the activities. This Halloween in Alicante, get around the province looking for adventure with Lara Cars. 


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