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The 5 most romantic destinations in Alicante for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Like every year, we feel the urgency to search for the best, most romantic, and original plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There’s no need to go to Madrid, Barcelona, or other big cities. The province of Alicante is rich in small towns, natural spots, and coastal areas, ideal for spending your February 14th. There is a wide range of destinations in Alicante for Valentine’s Day. 

Alicante offers intimate plans, getaways, gourmet experiences, great views, and many special activities. It’s easy to find very comprehensive offers, with all kinds of amenities and romantic details in any hotel in the province, such as Hotel Daniya in Denia, Hospedium Hotel Abril in San Juan de Alicante, or Hotel Sun Palace in Albir. These hotels have the best ratings on many pages, but there is one in particular that is considered the second most romantic hotel in the world, and it is in the province.


Valentine’s Day in Guadalest 

Guadalest is a tiny, cozy, and intimate municipality in the Marina Baja, declared a Historic-Artistic Site since 1974. The Castell de Guadalest reigns over the small town, creating a setting that deserves to be experienced. Guadalest is surrounded by mountains and nature, being just a few minutes drive from the Xortà, Aitana, and Serrella mountain ranges. The reservoir, already iconic of the town, usually has crystal clear waters worthy of a postcard. 

Perhaps all these reasons are what have made Guadalest the home of Cases Noves, the most romantic hotel in Spain. Cases Noves offers many experience packages focused on enjoying Valentine’s Day, such as the ‘Just You and Me. Yes, that’s right’, in which the couple is welcomed with petals, an aphrodisiac cocktail, sweets, and background music. The hotel offers spa services, gourmet meals, and one of the most spectacular terraces in the province. Without a doubt, Guadalest has become one of the best destinations in Alicante for Valentine’s Day.

Hotel Cases Noves en Guadalest

The best romantic dinners 

Thanks to digital platforms like TheFork, today it is very easy to know the most romantic restaurants in the area. The best destinations in Alicante for Valentine’s Day include a nice dinner, with an intimate and romantic atmosphere. In the capital, some of the restaurants highly rated by users are Celeste and Don Carlos, Restaurante Fondillón – Hospes Amérigo, or Restaurante La Ereta, which includes one of the best views of the city, the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, and the historic center. With a Michelin star, we can also find Baeza & Rufete, located at the foot of San Juan Beach. 

Las cenas más románticas en Alicante

The best destinations in Alicante for Valentine’s Day 

The city of Benidorm is one of the options most chosen by lovers of sunsets. Taking a walk on the beach and ending the day watching one of the best sunsets on the Mediterranean coast is as good an option as the best restaurant in the world. Some perfect viewpoints in Benidorm are La Cruz and the Balcón del Mediterráneo. 

Other destinations in Alicante for Valentine’s Day are Altea and Famorca. Both are towns without overcrowding, perfect for a quiet February 14th. In fact, Famorca has only 45 inhabitants, so intimacy is guaranteed. 

Move around the province and enjoy a perfect Valentine’s Day with your partner, with your rental car from Lara Cars. Why limit your possibilities to what public transport dictates? Set your own schedule and enjoy February 14th at your leisure. Lara Cars offers fixed quotes, quick booking, and all the facilities so you don’t have to think about anything but the destination and the company. 

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