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Dog-friendly beaches on the Costa Blanca – rent a vehicle and enjoy them together!

Summer is for enjoying time with the family, and by family, we of course refer to our four-legged friends as well. Because if we love going out, enjoying the outdoors and exploring the beaches, just imagine how much they do too. Lying on the sand, feeling the sea breeze on your face, playing all over the beach and of course in the waves as well. Rent a vehicle and discover Costa Blanca’s dog-friendly beaches together. You are bound to love them!

We adore the Costa Blanca. Kilometres and kilometres of beaches to enjoy practically all year round and even more so in summer. One of the areas of Spain with the most light, 365 days a year. Photo-perfect nooks and coves, worth stopping to admire and enjoy… Of course, much better with company. And what better company than your dog. Did you know that with Lara Cars you can also rent a vehicle to take your pet to the beach? With the right capacity and all the comforts you need to spend an amazing few days.

The dog-friendly beaches on the Costa Blanca offer a wide range of advantages for our pets. Other users know these beaches are specifically dog-friendly and so you needn’t worry about your pet’s presence being a bother. Our dogs can be free, enjoying the benefits of the sun, the breeze, the sea, playing with the sand, ball and – why not – dodging the waves like a canine surfer. 

It’s amazing how some dogs can love waves so much! But which of the Costa Blanca’s dog-friendly beaches are the most highly recommended? Below you will find our selection of the best ones so that this summer you can rent a vehicle with Lara Cars and enjoy yourself like children. On these beaches you are sure to find the slice of peace and tranquility that you need, and to which you are bound to want to return from time to time.

Visita estas 7 playas para perros de la Costa Blanca con tu coche de alquiler

7 dog-friendly beaches on the Costa Blanca

Caleta dels Gossets (Santa Pola)

The “Caleta dels Gossets” is located next to the Cabo de Santa Pola Natural Park. It is one of the most popular dog-friendly beaches in the province of Alicante. This small cove was inaugurated six years ago and is an ideal spot to spend the day with your family and pets. This natural beach has basic services and has both stones and sand. Furthermore, it is freely accessible with your canine at any time of the year, with no time restrictions.

Cala del Rocío (Torrevieja)

Torrevieja also has a beach for dogs called La Cala del Rocío. This small beach comprising both sand and rocks is perfect for taking a dip with your canine. It is located in a beautiful natural setting and nearby there is an dirt road which is perfect for going for a stroll together. This cove can be accessed both by car and on foot. If you are going to visit this beach in your Lara Cars rental car, we recommend that you park next to the children’s area of the Nautilus Restaurant and from there walk to the beach. Have a great day with your canine friend!

Agua Amarga Beach (Alicante)

The provincial capital also has a super doggy beach ideal for meeting new dogs and possible summer loves, who knows? Playa Agua Amarga also has parasols, hooks for leads, bins and platforms with disposable containers to use as food or water bowls. There is even a beach bar in summer with food and drink specifically for dogs! What a great day out!

El Xarco (Villajoyosa)

If you are looking for a large dog-friendly beach on the Costa Blanca, where you can go with your rental car and your beloved pet, then the El Xarco cove in Villajoyosa is undoubtedly the one for you. It is a relatively new addition and somewhat difficult to access but it is worth it. It is a rocky and gravelly beach, ideal for those who dislike accumulating more sand in their flip-flops and paws than necessary. In addition, near the mouth of the river there is a dog park to round off your day.

Playas para perros en la Costa Blanca, ¡alquila un vehículo y disfrutad juntos!

Mar y Montaña Beach(Altea)

The beautiful Altea also has a dog-friendly beach – one of the most famous on the Costa Blanca. You can also take full advantage of having your Lara Cars rental car to visit a local restaurant and try a delicious rice dish. This beach is found close to Villa Gadea and, for the most skittish dogs, it is worth noting that its waters are usually very calm.

Les Urques (Calpe)

Calpe, apart from being a beautiful town, also looks out for our pets. Its dog-friendly beach is located in Cala Les Urques, more specifically near the famous Puerto Blanco. It is famous for its large rocks, which your dog can have fun jumping between in search of crabs and other surprises. Just bear in mind that this beach is accessed via a footpath and so you will have to leave your Lara Cars rental car a few metres away.

Escollera Beach (Denia)

This is one of the most recent beaches of the Costa Blanca to incorporate a dedicated area for dogs. Start up your rental car and head to the north of Denia, next to the port area. The Escollera beach has 100 metres set aside for dogs. Of course, here as on any beach, remember to take plenty of food and especially water to prevent your dog from suffering in the intense Mediterranean heat.

This summer, rent a car and enjoy the best dog-friendly beaches along the Costa Blanca. Your dog will be the spitting image of happiness, which is sure to rub off on you, right?

Alquila tu coche en Lara Cars y conoce las playas para perros de la Costa Blanca

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