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Discover the delights of the Orihuela Coast

Do you love the coast? Today we’re going to tell you about a place that will impress you right from the start. This is Orihuela, a city and a municipality located in the province of Alicante. Even though the city is enchanting, it won’t outshine the coast. Discover the delights of the Orihuela Coast with us!

But before we begin our journey to discover this city, you should know that if you want to relax and enjoy yourself, this will be the perfect destination for you.  Do you need some distractions and to get away from your everyday worries? Well, discover the Orihuela Coast, the ideal location for this, and more. 

The protected dunes in the Campoamor area

One of the main delights of Orihuela are the dunes that you can visit in the area of Campoamor. These dunes are a protected space and, for this reason, make sure that you don’t dispose of any cigarette ends or rubbish on the ground so that you help to keep this place as it should be, a beautiful and welcoming place for visitors like yourself.  Discover the Orihuela Coast by immersing yourself in this location. You will feel like you have been transported to the desert, as it looks very much like one!

The reason why these dunes are so protected is because of increasing coastal urbanisation. So, discover the Orihuela Coast as soon as you can and behave responsibly when visiting spaces of this kind. By doing so, we hope that they will remain in good condition for many more years to come.

The 16 kilometres of sea

Another Orihuela attraction is its 16 kilometres of sea, along which you will find beaches and coves. You will find some of them idyllic for taking a stroll, stretching your legs and having a dip if you have time. Also, if you enjoy driving, can you imagine driving along these 16 kilometres and taking in some incredible views? Well, that is possible in Orihuela.

The best thing about the coast is that the sun shines all over this area of Orihuela for most of the year. Because of this, it is a great place to take a stroll, enjoy incredible gastronomy right by the beach, or even to take part in one of the water sports. 

Descubre los Los 16 kilómetros de mar de Orihuela Costa

The clay cliffs will leave you speechless

The clay cliffs are another marvel of the Orihuela Coast. Do you know that they will leave you speechless? They are an incredible orange colour and the views are just amazing. Below the cliffs there are beaches along which you can stroll and enjoy the refreshing water. If you suffer from vertigo, don’t get too close to the cliff edge!

If possible, we recommend that you wait until sunset to view the cliffs from this spot. The cliffs at Cabo Roig will enable you to enjoy one of the best sunsets that you have ever seen. But there are more cliffs along the length of this 16 kilometre route.

The natural environment of the Sierra Escalona

Apart from the beaches, complete your journey discovering the Orihuela Coast with a trip to the Sierra Escalona. This is a very well-known mountain of Alicante, where you can take an incredible journey and delve deep into nature. The route is circular and we are certain that you will love it. So don’t miss out! 

And if you still have a thirst for more, there are also some charming villages in the surrounding area, such as Beniel or Redován, which you can visit any time you choose. Discover the Orihuela Coast by creating your own route, but be sure to include some of the locations we have recommended.

Descubre la Sierra
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