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Cheap car rental near to La Zenia

Travelling in your own vehicle is, almost certainly, one of the most comfortable experiences, but many do without it. Instead, they prefer to leave the car at home to reduce fuel costs, maintenance or any other drawback, which is rather wise. Additionally, this isn’t a problem because you can always find cheap car rental near to La Zenia so you can travel independently. 

However, it is worth noting that we are talking about one of the busiest regions of Alicante in terms of tourists; so as a result, it is logical to expect that it wouldn’t always be easy to find a cheap car rental near to Zenia. Having said that, if you are planning to travel to this coast, either as a tourist or to assess the possibility of moving, here at Lara Cars we can help you; we have several options of cars. Keep reading and find out more.  

Alquiler de coches barato cerca de la Zenia

La Zenia, the tourist icon of Alicante 

It is a small resort on the Orihuela coast which belongs to the province of Alicante in the Valencian Community. Of course, it is a landmark tourist area thanks to its sea views, numerous villas and chalets. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a pleasant place to clear away the cobwebs and get away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. That’s why many travellers usually look for cheap car rental near to La Zenia.  

The coasts are usually very attractive for tourists and humans in general, and La Zenia is no exception. However, many people agree that it isn’t just an ideal place for a well-deserved holiday, but also to live. In this case, you wouldn’t need to look for a cheap car rental near to La Zenia, although the options can vary depending on each person’s goals.  

Whatever the situation, just before a journey to the region, it is never a bad thing to locate a cheap car rental near to La Zenia. Indeed, although it is small in size compared to other resorts, there is a lot to see. This way, we will be able to guarantee fast journeys in the area without relying on taxis or public transport. This will also enable you to go to other places nearby without relying on anyone else.  

Paseo de Vista Alegre de Torrevieja

What is there to do in La Zenia? 

Before booking a cheap car rental near to La Zenia, it is worth having an idea of what there is to do when you’re there. Generally, tourists travel to the Orihuela coast for the beautiful beaches that adorn it; but there are also other attractions such as the Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre, one of the largest on the Mediterranean coast and a must-visit destination for visitors. 

Also of note are two of the Costa Brava’s most popular golf courses: Real Campo de Golf de Campoamor and Campo de Golf de Villamartín. These make up the main sports attractions of the region; and, at the same time, are also another reason it would be a good idea to find a cheap car rental near to La Zenia if you visit.  

Tourists simply must try the gastronomy in the beach front restaurants. One of them, “La Mirada”, has become iconic in the region for the quality of its dishes, the view and the excellent service. And, of course, there are various hospitality service, including a 4-star hotel. If staying in this or another hotel, it would also be useful to have a cheap car rental near to La Zenia. 

Entrada al centro comercial La Zenia

Transport in and around La Zenia

Although small, this resort has an efficient transport system which doesn’t just enable you to travel internally; it also links to other neighbouring towns, including Torrevieja and Alicante. Lara Cars also has cheap car rental near to La Zenia. However, choosing one or the other depends entirely on your intentions when you get there, but it is no bad thing to have use of a vehicle. 

If you are interested in a cheap car rental near to La Zenia, you can take a look at our website. There, you will find the nearest offices where you will be able to rent a vehicle for your journeys both inside and outside of the area. In addition, you can find more information to discover our services more in depth. Contact us and request a quote in advance. 

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