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Car rental in La Marina with Lara Cars. It’s all advantages!

You’ve already got your travel booked to go to Alicante, but something is missing. The car! As you already know, having a car enables you to enjoy total freedom to go anywhere during your holiday or your weekend getaway. You don’t have to depend on public transport or worry about working out timetables. That’s why our car rental in La Marina is there, to make it easy for you.

La Marina is a district of Elche, in the province of Alicante, where you can enjoy your holiday in style. With the car rental we offer you in La Marina you can take amazing trips that will allow you to get to know the area better and to access places of interest that you might otherwise miss out on. So, why is it all advantages when you rent a car from Lara Cars? We’ll tell you below.

Lugares de interés en La Marina para disfrutar de tu coche de alquiler de Lara Cars

Lara Cars, our central office

Our central office is located in the urbanisation of La Marina, within the municipality of San Fulgencio, and just 5 minutes from the town of La Marina. The office was opened over 30 years ago and you can pick up and return your rental car there without any problem. Our location within the urbanisation is very easy to get to.

What will you find at our car rental in La Marina? Well, a wide and varied range of vehicles, automatic and manual, small, medium or large and even minibuses. You will also find our staff who will personally help you and answer any question you may have.

At our office in La Marina you can choose the vehicle that best fits what you are looking for, we will have it ready so that you can have fun with it during your stay.  With our car rental service in La Marina you will have that freedom that you so desire and you will be able to go wherever you please. Economical cars appropriate to your needs.

Ubicación de nuestra oficina en La Marina, Elche

What advantages are there for renting a car with us?

Renting a car with Lara Cars, such as the ones in La Marina, has a number of advantages, the first of which we have already told you. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of economical vehicles. From the smallest, which will make it easy for you to move around and find parking in towns such as Alicante, Elche or Torrevieja, to family cars and people carriers, so that you can travel with your family and friends and visit interesting places together, or cars with extra room that will allow you to take a lot of luggage or sporting equipment, such as your golf clubs.

You can even speed up collecting your car in La Marina by making your reservation through the website, which will make it even faster and more convenient, and you can pick up your vehicle without any problems. It will be ready for you to drive away! Everything will be set up and ready for you.

All the vehicles that we offer at our rental office in La Marina include fully comprehensive insurance, and we have a 24 hour emergency service that operates every day of the year so that none of your plans will be thwarted.  We want you to enjoy your holiday or getaway with all the guarantees and in complete comfort.  Are you ready to have fun at La Marina?

Ventajas de alquilar tu coche en la Marina con Lara Cars

Routes and places of interest for enjoying your Lara Cars vehicle

Some places of interest that you could head towards from La Marina are the beaches, particularly the beaches of El Altet, Les Pesqueres-El Rebollo and La Marina, which you can get to with your vehicle from Lara Cars. They all have blue flags and you can take part in water sports, if that’s your passion.

There are 4 golf courses very close by. La Finca, La Marquesa, Vistabella and Las Colinas are 30 minutes away by car from La Marina. You can be in direct contact with nature there while taking part in a physical activity in the open air.

You can also travel to one of the best-known monuments in La Marina, the church of Saint Francis of Assisi.  It was built at the end of the 19th century. You can also visit the archaeological site of La Alcudia which is less than 20 minutes from La Marina, and where there have been Iberian and Roman finds, the most famous of which is the Dame of Elche which was found on this site in 1897.

Don’t miss the Salinas and the Hondo Natural Park either, which have been declared as Special Protection Areas for Birds. These are places where nature exists in complete freedom and where you can enjoy a great picnic.  You could take the route along the coast and visit all the beaches there are. Which will be your favourite? Hire your vehicle with us at La Marina office today.

Rutas para disfrutar de tu coche de alquiler de Lara Cars

What are you waiting for? Choose Lara Car for your car rental in La Marina and have fun in style on your holiday. No worrying, no waiting, get behind the wheel of car that is safe and has everything in order. Reserve yours now!

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