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Autumn getaways for the whole family

More pleasant temperatures, more peace and quiet to visit some wonderful places or the chance to enjoy a short breather when we are fully immersed in our day-to-day routine. There are a thousand reasons to enjoy an autumn getaway, with family, of course.

Any of the long weekends left before the end of the year, or any weekend for that matter, enable you to organise a short autumn getaway. At this time of year, much more so in places with such a privileged climate as the province of Alicante, it’s possible to enjoy very different plans for the whole family. And hiring a car is a perfect choice so you don’t miss out on anything.

Escapadas en otoño a Alicante

The most incredible autumn getaways

Sea and mountain, history, traditions and delicious cuisine combine perfectly in Alicante. For that reason, you can organise autumn getaways that are extremely varied, yet fun, to spend a few unforgettable days as a family:

Alicante capital: is one of those wonderful cities, but often not very well-known. And it is ideal for enjoying with family. Santa Bárbara castle, the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz, the ‘paseo de la Explanada de España’ promenade or the Archaeological Museum are must-visit places.

Benidorm: is perfect for relaxing and resting as a family. But it is also great for those looking to get a bit more from their autumn getaways. The reason? That, just a stone’s throw away, you can discover wonderful places like the Algar Waterfalls.

Fuentes del Algar, un paraje ideal para visitar en otoño

Torrevieja: another of Alicante’s notable coastal towns where you can also organise varied plans to enjoy as a family. For example, visiting a striking natural treasure such as its unique pink lake. It is a salt lake from which thousands of tonnes of salt are extracted every year.

Guadalest: inland, this is one of the most interesting autumn getaways that you could organise. This is one of Alicante’s most beautiful towns but it is also perfect for discovering as a family thanks to the beauty of its natural surroundings and the unique museums it is home to. And children will love it!

Elche: autumn getaways can also be organised by looking for corners with a unique charm, which is the case with this city. Its wonderful palm grove, a World Heritage Site, is just one excuse to visit a city where each member of the family will enjoy excellent cuisine and interesting places like its Archaeological Museum.

Alcoy: still preserves traces of its Medieval past. But, if we mention it as a perfect destination for autumn getaways, it’s because it is the ideal starting point for discovering the hidden treasures of the Mariola mountain range, the Cova de la Font (cave) or the source of the Vinalopó river.

Altea: without a doubt, one of the most charming towns of Alicante, perfect for one of those autumn getaways with family. Getting lost in its maze of streets is a real adventure, and so is discovering the remains of its walls or unique orthodox church.

Escapadas en otoño a Altea

Advantages of hiring a car for your getaways

Autumn getaways can be enjoyed much more with the independence that hiring a vehicle gives you. Alicante has many hidden treasures and travelling around freely is the best way to take maximum advantage of these days off, without forgetting the comfort it provides when travelling as a family.

An important tip is that, in the same way you carefully chose the destination for your autumn getaway, the best vehicle hire company should also be chosen carefully. Booking with Lara cars will offer you the peace of mind you need to start your days off in the best way possible. There are several collection points very near to Alicante airport and, if your flight is delayed, don’t worry about it, your car will be waiting for you.

In addition, you have fully comprehensive insurance with no excess and an emergency telephone number which is available 24 hours a day to cover any incident that may occur during your autumn getaway. Not all vehicles hire companies offer you so much but, here at Lara Cars, our aim is for you to make the most of being with your family and forgetting about everything els.

Escapadas en otoño para toda la familia

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