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9 places to visit in Torrevieja

Of all the gems that Alicante has to offer, Torrevieja is extremely popular for its fantastic climate, beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere. Beyond these charms, the area is full of other attractions for those looking for a chilled visit. Whether you want to explore its history, nature or the entertainment on offer, there are plenty of places to visit in Torrevieja.

We’d like to take you on a little journey…

1. Torre del Moro

Let’s start with a bit of history at one of those places to visit in Torrevieja. Hop into your rental car and we’ll travel back in time. This tower is a small 14th century building in Cabo Cervera, which was once part of a network of watchtowers located along the coast to prevent pirate attacks. You can actually climb to the top and take in the beautiful coastal views.

And while we’re on the topic of watchtowers, the Torre de La Mata is a must-see landmark. This is another of Torrevieja’s historic gems and, in its heyday, they used to load salt from La Mata Lagoon onto the ships from a jetty that lay right in front of this tower.

2. Cultural Society Casino of Torrevieja

A more recent historical building from the 19th Century. This charming building features a blend of modernist and Andalusian architecture. Step inside and step into an era when this was the central spot for the wealthiest bourgeoisie. Take a look at the absolutely charming main hall to figure that out. Nowadays, it’s a must-see attraction when visiting Torrevieja. Besides, it’s a perfect spot in which to enjoy a coffee.

3. The Archpriest’s Church of the Immaculate Conception

Also constructed in the 19th Century, this church has a sentimental value. Firstly, because it’s the parish of the city’s patron saint and, secondly, because it was built from stones from the Old Tower (Torre Vieja). Yes, the tower that lends its name to the town itself. Simply because of this, we had to include it among the places to visit in Torrevieja.

4. Natural Park La Mata-Torrevieja Lagoons

Just calling them salt flats would be an understatement. Why? The unique rosy colour of the Torrevieja Lagoon and the greenish tone of the La Mata Lagoon are quite a spectacular and unforgettable sight. Both make up a protected area that can be explored by foot or  bicycle and has become one of Torrevieja’s most popular year-round tourist attractions.


5. Parque del Molino del Agua

Speaking of Torrevieja’s natural treasures, this seaside pine forest is formed by fossilised dunes and is definitely worth a visit. There used to be a large aquifer here and you can still see old wells that were used to extract water, as well as the reconstruction of an old mill. Taking a stroll along these trails is a real pleasure. Don’t miss out!

6. Parque de las Naciones

This is one of the best places to visit in Torrevieja with your little ones. They’ll adore the dragon-shaped slide, the lake and the many resident birds. Not to mention, it is the green lung of the city.

7. Dique de Levante Breakwater

The dyke was constructed to protect the ships from storms, and a few years ago one of the most charming promenades in Torrevieja was built over the top of it. It is a little less than a kilometre long and leads to the lighthouse, which boasts one of the most beautiful views of the city.

But this is not the only reason why it is one of the places you should visit in Torrevieja. Conveniently located nearby is the S-61 Delfin Submarine, the first floating museum of its kind to open its doors in Spain.

8. Paseo de Vistalegre

This is one of Torrevieja’s most popular places to visit because of its lively atmosphere and its attractions. Wander through and discover unique sculptures dedicated to the Habaneras or the Torrevejense Musicians and visit the Nautical Club or the Sea and Salt Museum.

9. Beaches and bays

We cannot forget Torrevieja’s biggest asset: its wonderful coastline. A strip of coastline known for its long sandy beaches and small bays. Beaches such as La Mata, Cabo Cervera, de los Locos or del Cura; and bays such as El Moro, El Mojón or La Higuera are just a few places to visit around Torrevieja if you want to take a swim or simply enjoy the sea breeze.

However, don’t let the beautiful and high-quality beaches overshadow everything that this Alicante town has to offer. There are plenty of places to visit in Torrevieja on your own, with a partner, friends or family. Do not miss out on exploring this wonderful city, hire a car and have some fun!

Visita las increíbles playas de Torrevieja
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