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The best apps for safe driving 2022

Did you know that there are many apps for safe driving and feeling more confident when you are on the road? Now that the rules have become stricter and you have to focus fully on the road you are driving along, you will discover that you love these apps for safe driving in 2022. Here at Lara Cars, we have put together an interesting selection. Which app will you download first?

Apps para conducir seguro en el extranjero

1. Drivemove, simplify the use of the mobile phone while you are driving

If you are thinking about picking up your mobile phone while you are driving, even just for a second, remember that the DGT (Spanish national traffic authority) can remove 6 points from your driving licence, and fine you 500 euros. That’s why, one of the apps for safe driving in 2022 is Drivemove. It has a “no look” interface so you can answer messages just using your voice.

In addition, you can also activate the “do not disturb” option in this first app for safe driving to answer calls or receive all of your WhatsApp messages that people have sent you when you stop your rental car. You won’t need to handle your phone, saving you an expensive fine and preventing you from putting your life at risk.

2. SOSmart, for emergency notifications

SOSmart is another app for safe driving that will enable you to detect traffic accidents if you crash with another car. In addition, it features a “panic button” that will send your location immediately so you can notify the emergency services. It is a necessary app that you should have among your apps for safe driving, you can suffer unexpected incidents on the road at any time.

Apps para conducir

3. iOnRoad, maintain a safe distance

Another app for safe driving is iOnRoad. Do you really know whether you are leaving a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front? This award-winning application alerts you when you are out of your lane and to the likelihood of crashing if the car in front brakes suddenly. Therefore, this is another app for safe driving that you simply must have.

4. Clupp, earn points for good driving

Clupp is another app for safe driving that will award you points if you comply with the traffic rules. Respecting the speed on the road, not committing offences, keeping a safe distance… all of this will accumulate points on the app. But what use are all of these points?

The points you accumulate in Clupp can help you to get discounts at restaurants, car parks, garages and much more. It is a way of rewarding you for complying with the rules and driving well. Remember that now that the DGT (Spanish national traffic authority) has made traffic rules stricter, it is vital that you pay full attention to the road and that you avoid distractions that may put your life and other people’s lives at risk.

5. RACC Infotransit, take care not to drive the wrong way

If you are travelling anywhere in Spain that you have never been to before, it is normal for you not to know the roads and easy to end up driving the wrong way. Therefore, with RACC Infotransit this won’t happen. The application will warn you when this occurs, as well as informing you of the current status of traffic, locating nearby petrol stations and more. Another app for safe driving that you need.

Didn’t you know about these apps for safe driving? Did you use any other? These are some of the apps you can try so you just use the ones that are really useful to you. Technology has changed our lives for the better and can help us to drive more safely. Install them and enjoy more confidence at the wheel.

Las mejores apps para conducir seguro 2022

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