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Original plans to do in Alicante in winter

If this isn’t your first vacation in Alicante, you might think you’ve seen it all. Santa Bárbara Castle, the Explanada de España promenade, beaches, cathedrals… Without a doubt, these are must-see attractions for your Alicante vacation. But sometimes what you want are alternative, less crowded plans with unique stories to tell when you get home. 

With the freedom of a rental car, a well-thought-out itinerary, and the right advice, you can enjoy the best original plans in Alicante. Safaris, spas, unforgettable museums, and the finest cuisine. All this and more is within your reach in Alicante and its surroundings. Keep reading and discover our suggestions for original plans to do in Alicante. 

Patinaje sobre hielo en Elche, Alicante

Adventure and Leisure in Alicante 

In recent years, Alicante has strongly embraced the trend of Escape Rooms. The city boasts many high-quality Escape Room options with different themes, perfect for original plans in Alicante. For example, Locus Fugae offers several games: horror, investigation, and a science fiction one, where you only have 90 minutes to save humanity from an imminent end. Sanatorium Escape Room brings a more terrifying experience, while Secret Hunter focuses more on mysteries and puzzles. The Code has an Escape Room designed for children from 7 years old. 

Another adventure-filled experience is offered by Virtual Zone, the only company in Alicante that provides an immersive virtual reality experience, where you can face an alien invasion in Alicante. Another immersive, but real experience, is offered by Safari Aitana, a car tour through a landscape that emulates the African savannah and contains many of its emblematic animals. You can also take the car for a short trip to Elche, visit the city and go to the Club Deportivo Squash where you can find an ice skating rink open all year round. Isn’t that a great plan? 

Gastronomy and Culture 

In the capital, you can find Tabula Rasa, which is also recommended by the Michelin Guide for its quality-price ratio. Outside the capital, Brel in El Campello or La Finca in Elche, offer unique experiences in the region. If you want to eat with incredible views, La Ereta restaurant offers panoramic views of the entire city, including the old town and the coast. If you are looking for a relaxing experience and consider yourself a beer lover, you can go to the Beer Spa. As its name suggests, it is a spa, but with the peculiarity of a beer tap right next to the jacuzzi. It’s a good plan for couples, as they make offers and special services. 

Other original plans in Alicante are museums. MARQ offers an archaeological and historical exhibition you won’t find anywhere else. MACA focuses on contemporary art and painting. You can go to The Ocean Race Museum, a journey through the history of nautical technology and racing boats. You can also take the car and travel to Tossal de Manises, a complex of Roman ruins in very good condition. 

Beer Spa en Alicante

How to Make Original Plans in Alicante 

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