The easing of the lockdown due to coronavirus in Spain has entered its final stretch and the provinces of Alicante and Murcia are already in phase 3. Thanks to the effort of the entire public, the evolution of the pandemic is becoming very favourable throughout the country in general. Hence, the data collected in recent weeks continues to be positive and the curve of infections is gradually decreasing.

Both the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia continue progressing with the easing and every day they are getting closer to the so-called “new normality”. Murcia moved to phase 3 on 8th June and the Valencian Community did so a week later on Monday 15th June. Both communities are showing a positive trend but, as happened with the change to phase 2, it was the government of the Valencian Community itself who erred on the side of caution and wanted to wait another week to transition to the next phase.

What can you do in phase 3?

The transition to phase 3 of the easing involves the complete removal of the time allocations, allowing the free circulation of users and the extension of the number of people for gatherings between friends and family to a maximum number of 20. Communal areas of shopping centres are also reopening with a capacity limited to 50%, the hospitality sector is expanding the capacity of its terraces to 75% and the inside of establishments will continue to be 50% of the full capacity. Nightclubs will be able to open to a third of their capacity and without the use of the dance floor.

The capacity in hotels is increasing to 50% in communal areas and the capacity is also increasing to 50% in museums, cinemas, theatres and auditoriums. However, concert halls will continue with the 33% limit. In the same way, tourism leisure facilities, zoos, aquariums and other leisure activities will reopen, limiting their capacity to half and to a third in enclosed spaces.

Furthermore, the number is increasing to 30 people for groups doing active tourism activities and guides will be permitted, in maximum groups of 20 people. On the other hand, limitations in swimming pools continue to be the same: pre-booking and a maximum capacity of 30%. In the same way, walking and spending time on beaches will continue to be up to 15 people maximum and complying with the safe distance of 2 metres between users. For this, each municipality will take care of the spatial distribution of beaches and will mark out the limits.

Finally, moving between provinces of a same community will be allowed, as long as they are in the same phase. Up until now, movements were only permitted within the same province.

Spain awaits you from 21st of June

Our country will start to open up to foreign tourism from 21st June. Tourists will not have to quarantine to come and have their holiday in the Costa Blanca. Visitors will simply need to respect the same rules and restrictions as the Spanish public. Thus, you must always comply with the safety and hygiene measures and maintain a minimum safe distance of at least 2 metres. In cases where it is not possible to maintain this safe distance, it will be compulsory to wear a mask.

It should be noted that people who travel to our country will be able to continue to enjoy the same activities as in previous years, with the sole and big difference of there being limitations on capacity. You will be able to continue enjoying the province’s nature and our area’s beaches. In addition, cultural and leisure activities are open to the public but with restrictions on capacity to guarantee the safety of all visitors.

 mapa de la comunidad Valenciana en la Fase 3

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